21 Nov

Trucking At Its Best

Whether you're relocating or simply shipping from one place to another, our fleet of able trucks makes movement very possible to the last mile. Well maintained and tracker enabled, your shipment status information will be at your finger tips all the way... [read more]
17 Nov

Face to face with Air Freight

One of the world's most capable high-volume aircrafts helps you seize the outsize opportunity. Able to operate in high/hot airports, creating additional opportunities and flexibility... [read more]
10 Nov

Professional Clearing

Part of maintaing a great relationship with all our stakeholders as a matter of culture is that it enables easy clearing of all our shipments at the ports. This mean every idle time is eliminated such that your shipment reaches you promptly.... [read more]
19 Oct

Clearing in All Weather

At Cargouhub.NG, we are never limited by weather, distance, or the suppposed difficulty of any logistics task. We go all out to ensure our customers are satisfied even if that means shipping right from the coldest or hottest regions of the world...[read more]
30 Sep

We Do the Heavy Lifting

As heavy and rugged as containers are, we have all the tools and facilities needed to pack, ship and clear them as well as to deliver them safely as is or constituent units across the world.... [read more]
19 Sep

Strategic Insights

WIth over 30 years combined exerience in the industry, we have seen it all and no logistics task can come to us as a surprise. Rather, we are well able to profer proper solutions to every logistics opportunity that might arise... [read more]
30 Aug

One Gramme Cargo

You might be a heavy importer or exporter and we've surely got you covered. However, if you're only dealing with a 1 gramme cargo, we care for it just as much cosolidating with others and delivering it to destination.... [read more]
19 Aug

Reaching New Heights

Cargohub.NG is a leader in worldwide logistics. With global freight agreements with leading carriers, we are able to offer flexibility with cargo movements providing the highest levels of service to our customers and partners....[read more]