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Avoiding delays, penalities and a bad reputation...

No matter what else is gotten right, errors or mistakes in regulatory compliance and duties lead to delays, penalties and a bad reputation. That's why we at Cargohub.NG deploy our vast trade expertise and thorough understanding of the statutory and regulatory requirements as well as vibrant relationship network to ensure a smooth and quick clearance.

Although dynamic and sometimes complex, we joyfully navigate the several regulations and paperwork necessary such as thorough scrutiny of Customs Duty, Tax rates and government trade regulations and Quarantine permission. Classify goods in accordance with customs regulations, obtain relevant permits from the importer, process the customs entry and pay duties and taxes.

We're professionals to the core and you'll be surprised how far we'll go for you in turning opportunities into victories.


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Effecive Solutions

Import and Export Advise

Detailed consulting on regulatory requirements and guidiance in planning as well as obtaining and preparing and arranging of all documents.

Certificates and Permits List

RAR / PAAR, SGD, FORM M, Bill of Lading/Airway Bill, Certificate of analysis, Material Safety Data Sheet, CRIA, COPP, Certificate of Manufacturer and Free Sale, SPSC e.t.c

Tariffs and duties

Prompt payment of applicable tariffs and duties ensures timely clearance of your shipment. Customs, NAFDAC, freight and clearing charges, ground handling company and related stakeholders

Freight Experts

Vastly experienced clearing team who have first-hand knowledge of local conditions, rules and regulations around the world..

Domestic Transport

Once cleared, goods are ready for your pick up. We can also deliver to any destination nationwide with our working fleet of well-maintained vehicles.

Track and Trace

Highly functional mobile tracking application to keep you abreast on the status of all your shipments at any point in time.