Industry Logistics

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Often highly regulated, highly sensitive and requiring specific packaging, shipping, transportation and handling instructions, Industrial Logistics cannot be left in the hands of Amateurs.

That's why Cargohub.NG remains your trusted Logistics partner for all kinds of Industrial consignments. Meticulous and attentive to details, we ensure that your shipments are packed according to instruction and delivered in their best conditions while complying with every regulatory and logistic requirement.

Automotive Logistics

We provide logistics services to the automotive industry, which is one of the most complex sectors of all due to the ever-increasing flow of materials between continents and the diverse range of supply chain strategies employed.

Our dedicated automotive services allow you to focus on the opportunities as well as the challenges. Importation, Repair and return, Car logistics, OEM supply chain, Commercial vehicles, Recreational vehicles and motorcycles, Construction and Agricultural vehicles, System suppliers, Warehousing, Freight management, Value-added services, Logistics quality standards, Spareparts and Aftermarket .

Consumer Products

Fashion logistics, Home improvement, Consumer electronics, Warehousing, distribution, Value-added services, Logistic quality standards, IT systems.

Food ingredients and raw materials, Machinery and components, Packaged chemicals, Freight management

Healthcare Logistics

Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, Medical devices and diagnostics, Medical and personal care products. With our customer-centric approach and total logistics solutions we are able to accommodate your needs.

We are experienced in a number of areas: Biologicals, pharmaceutical products, e.g. prescription drugs, generics, controlled drugs and over-the-counter (OTC) products, Vaccines, Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), Clinical trial materials, et cetera

High-tech logistics

Telecommunication and network equipment, Consumer electronics logistics, Reprographic equipment. While you focus on your core services, we manage the procurement and delivery of pharmaceuticals, linen, implants, office materials and diagnostic equipment, just to mention a few.

We provide flexible warehousing and distribution models for medical and personal care products, including hospital consumables, high-end cosmetics, nutrition and disposables. Consistent and reliable consumer goods supply chain execution is essential in this challenging market.

Other Industries

Musical equipment and instrument logistics including Piano and Organ procurement and installation, sound systems and other musical instruments.

Food ingredients and raw materials, Machinery and components, Packaged chemicals, Warehouse automation, Warehousing, Freight management.


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Effective Solutions

Temperature Control

We ensure that just the right methods are used to ship your consignment at every step of the chain appropriate for each item such as cold chains and other temperature control measures

Regulatory Clearance

Being a highly regulated industry, the ensures customs clearance, NAFDAC, and other transport documents that ensure a smooth clearing and forwarding are complied with

Specialized Transport

Dangerous goods, Temperature-controlled transport, Hanging garments, Odd size/Out of gauge, High-value goods, White-glove delivery. We simply treat your cargo how it wants to be treated

Freight Experts

Vastly experienced clearing team who have first-hand knowledge of local conditions, rules and regulations around the world..

Track and Trace

Highly functional tracking application to keep you abreast on the status of all your shipments at any point in time.

Air and Sea Charter

Customized Global air and sea charter services with virtually no size or weight limitations, ideal for those extra large, time-critical cargo shipments that simply must arrive on time.