Road Transport

When Rubber meets the Road...

Whether as a stand alone service or in conjunction with other freight modes, road transport is invaluable in delivering your shipment from source to destination.

Often gallantly occupying the crucial first and last miles in the logistics relay, road transport has become virtually indispensable being the oldest form of transportation known to man. That's why we at Cargohub.NG has put in place the people and systems that are designed to ensure that the advantages of road transport are maximized.

Cargohub Xpress Service

Customized pickup and delivery service for all kinds of parcels, perishable items, cooked food, corporate delivery and order fulfillment with our messenger bikes and small vehicles for as low as N1000 only for express same-day & next-day delivery in flagship cities Nationwide.

Talk of ecommerce fulfilment and delivery at its best? Cargohub Xpress Service is your best bet no matter the size or scale of your shipments!

Trucking and Haulage

Whether you're relocating or simply transporting cargo across the city or nation, we have reliable trucks and trailers to serve any haulage purpose. This is nothing but domestic shipment at its best as all Cargohub owned vehicles have their tyres protected with Ultraseal.

Groupage shipments, smaller sized cars, mini-buses and vans are also available.

Superior Performance

Our entire team from drivers to freight experts, partners and all across board is imbued with the Cargohub culture of excellence which ensures that your cargo is accorded the highest standards of safety, handling, documentation and forwarding.

You can be rest assured that every shippment committed into our hands receives the best treatment.


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Effective Solutions


All our bikes vehicles are equipped with functional map application for detailed traffic status reports and suggest alternative routes to avoid any delivery delays.

Choice Vehicles

Box trailers, Curtain trailers, Mega trailers, Open trailers, Reefer trailers, Tarpaulin trailers, smaller sized vehicles, mini-buses, vans, motor bikes

Expert Drivers

Well trained, instructed and re-instructed level-headed drivers with detailed knowledge of the nationwide routes, road laws and safety precautions.

Working Fleet

A working team of experts and also well-maintained vehicles ensures timely delivery of shipments whether its for personal use or for time-definite ecommerce delivery.

Escort Service

When needed, this serves both a security purpose as well as to avoid any delays making the presentation of documents during routine checks easy

Track and Trace

Highly functional mobile tracking application to keep you abreast on the status of all your shipments at any point in time.